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Nilam & Lewis held an incredible, jam-packed fusion wedding surrounded by more than 200 guests. The wedding day was shared between a Hindu ceremony and celebration, and and English wedding reception in the evening.

When I first met Nilam and Lewis for coffee, they explained their plans for a Hindu-English fusion wedding, while I scribbled all kinds of notes trying not to miss any detail. This was my first fusion wedding that I would be photographing without a second shooter, and I wanted to make sure the vibrancy, the colours and most of all excitement of their guests was reflected in their photos. Before the wedding, Nilam & Lewis guided me through the pre-ceremony arrival of the groom’s party, the post-wedding feast and the stages of a full Hindu ceremony. These centered around Kanyadan (the giving away by the bride’s father – in this ceremony, Nilam’s uncle and brother gave her away), Panigrahana (holding hands by the fire) and Saptapadi (the seven steps). Every aspect of the Hindu ceremony is symbolic, so I did as much reading and Youtube-watching as possible to make sure I didn’t miss a thing!

The wedding feast was excellent for candid coverage of Nilam & Lewis’ guests. Everyone was so relaxed, embracing and enjoying the food.

Nilam & Lewis held their Hindu ceremony in a school auditorium, decorating the stage with the mandap and transforming the venue. Wedding venues such as The Tithe Barn in Yorkshire are blank canvases, spacious enough to give you the freedom to decorate how you would like, and to accommodate all of your guests.

I’ve included a link to The Tithe Barn here: so you can see what a brilliant wedding venue it is!

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