Lockdown Roadmap For Weddings!

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Hip hip hooray! I’m sure everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that we finally have some information after yesterday’s lockdown roadmap for weddings. The news for weddings is looking positive with weddings gradually more guests allowed at each new step of the plan.

Here are the current guidelines for weddings, bear in mind these are the minimum dates:

  • 8th March: Wedding ceremonies allowed again with 6 guests (Step One)
  • 12th April: Wedding ceremonies and receptions allowed with 15 guests (Step Two)
  • 17th May: 30 guests allowed for significant life events such as weddings (Step Three)
  • 21st June: No more restrictions (Step Four)

I am itching to get back in the saddle and join you in celebrating as your wedding photographer! If you have any questions or are thinking of changing your wedding date, drop me a message and I will do my absolute best to help!

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