Whitby Engagement Shoot: A Day at the Beach

Amy & Mike got engaged at the beach, so what better than to have a day in Whitby for their engagement shoot? Little did we know when we chose the date, that it would be the Whitby Dracula goth weekend! Aside from being spooked by a couple of grim reapers, it was idyllic. The centre of town was very busy, so I found a little side street for some pictures which had a cluster of chocolate box houses. At the end of one garden was a tiny pottery shed and a sign saying it was a shop run by the local senior citizens! Let’s just say Amy & I got a little distracted and Mike had to wait a bit while we browsed – I would do it again, sorry Mike!

After having some time to warm up and get used to being photographed, I took Amy & Mike to the beach where they decided to go in the sea. Rather them than me, bravo! It was great fun to muck around and enjoy the beach, the pictures really show the couple’s personalities. An engagement shoot should be fun, and a no-stress practice run for the wedding photos. As if to highlight this, Amy & Mike flew a frog shaped kite for at least half an hour during the shoot! I had mistakenly thought they had brought it along for the photos, and they were only too happy to test how far this frog could fly.
For Amy & Mike, their wedding photos will focus on the most natural and candid moments between guests, to document their wedding through the eyes of a guest. This engagement shoot was the best opportunity for us to get to know each other, so that on their wedding day they can focus on one another completely and not feel self conscious or watched when I take their pictures.

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