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Lockdown Roadmap For Weddings!

Hip hip hooray! I’m sure everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that we finally have some information after yesterday’s lockdown roadmap for weddings. The news for weddings is looking positive with weddings gradually more guests allowed at each new step of the plan. Here are the current guidelines for weddings, bear in mind these...

Grace & Matt’s Mini Wedding at The George in Stamford

Grace & Matt held a beautiful, glamorous mini wedding at The George in Stamford. With only 15 people allowed, the celebration included both families, and a handful of friends, and even some family watching on facetime. I have missed being a photographer for these important moments. The difficulties faced by couples this year makes these...

Jess & Toby – Clapton Country Club Wedding Photographer

Jess & Toby chose the chic, industrial Clapton Country Club in East London as their wedding venue. They had a deeply personal humanist ceremony, before going to Brew Club for their drinks reception.

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